October 14, 2012
Miko Peled roars up charts, makes BIG difference!

Israeli peace activist Miko Peled's transformative memoir The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine has been shooting up the charts on the website of the best-known bookselling website! This afternoon it reached the #2 slot in the category “Current Events > War & Peace”, being topped only by Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography (see screenshot, left.) Now, it’s no secret that we would prefer to see customers coming to buy Miko’s book here at the JWB website— “Support our small business, folks!” And we’ve been selling copies like the proverbial hotcakes— both via the website and at the very numerous events Miko’s been doing across the the U.S. over the past six weeks… But we realize that many people still like to buy their books at that other place. And we realize, too, that people in the book business often look at the sales rankings there to gauge how well other people’s books are selling. So we’ve been pretty happy to see how well The General’s Son has been doing in their rankings. Congratulations, Miko!

TGS also came in #8 in that other site's category “History > Middle East > Israel”, where it beat out titles from several very heavy-hitting authors.

Not bad for a first book from a previously unknown author, published by a small indie press. A book, moreover, whose transformative message has been studiously ignored by reviewers from all the mainstream media… Not bad at all, huh?

By the way, you can see details of Miko’s upcoming speaking events, and reports of several of his past ones, at the book’s blog, here. Plus, you can see all kinds of memorabilia and notices about The General’s Son and our other fab titles on our Facebook page, here.